** Form Fill-up for Admission of 10 Months Residential EDP Training on Agriculture and Allied Activities will be started from March 01, 2018 **

Post Training Support Service

Very  close  relation develops between  the  trainees  and  the  institute which makes  regular  follow-up programme much easier. Ex-trainees maintain close contact with the institute and all possible post-training support services are provided to them. They visit the institute as and when required and consult with specialists of different subjects regarding various problems encountered by them in implementing their  entrepreneurship ventures. Reciprocally resource persons pay occasional visits to the respective villages. Necessary arrangements for financial assistance by way of self-employment loan and linkage with bank credit facilities have been made for the ex-trainees for undertaking different self-employment enterprises.


Rs.9,51,700.00 (Rupees nine lakhs thirty one thousand seven hundred) only has been disbursed to 90 ex-trainees against 116 A/cs as loan from self-employment fund since the creation of the fund, 92 A/cs were closed and recovery percentage stood at 83.85% as on 31.03.2014.


Credit linkage of trainees with bank is an important development from the year 2009-10 onwards. As on 30.06.2015 linkage of trainees with bank credit – mainly United Bank of India, is appended below:

 Sr. No. No. of Proposals REDP SDI Total
1. Submitted to Bank70 213283
2.Sanctioned to Bank26119145
3.Pending with Bank166682
4.Declined by Bank121830
5.Declined by Applicants161026

In this regard necessary steps are taken to motivate the trainees to venture entrepreneurship on demand – driven location-specific trades according to their temperamental attitudes. The trainees applying for bank loans are meticulously guided by the institute’s faculty for preparation of their selected project for loan.

Another 466 (Four hundred sixty six) trainees have received bank loan from KCCs / SHGs to set-up their own venture.


The Alumni Association of the trainees ‘Samaj Sevak Praktani’ availed the opportunity of the presence of so many distinguished persons and ex-trainees in the ex-trainees conference and release the issue of their annual magazine titled as ‘Samaj Seva’ embodying a good number of articles on socio-economic aspects.