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Financial Literacy Center

The aforesaid FLCC has started its journey through formal inauguration on 27th August 2011 at the premises of Ramakrishna Mission Samaj Sevak Sikshan Mandir, Belur Math, Howrah.

What is Financial Literacy? 

As per with Reserve Bank of India guidelines, it can broadly be defined as “Providing inputs of familiarity with and understanding of financial market, inter-related to interest remittance facility etc. and low risk coverage to those who are otherwise excluded from bank services. It was relates to personal final benefiting individuals for their overall financial well being and overcoming financial distress as needed.

For whom it requires:

Who are in need of it encompassing schools, college going students backward people at large (Rural and Urban), senior citizens etc.

Local banks, Local Self Govt. (Panchayets, Municipalities), NGOs, Schools, College authorities may help to organised camps for such discussion.

The Broad Objectives of FLCC:

1) To provide ‘free of cost’ financial literacy/ education and credit counselling.
2) To provide financial literacy services through
a) Face to face interaction
b) Holding group meetings
c) Holding classes with student / trainees
d) E-mail
e) Fax
f) Mobile & So on so forth as and when applicable
3) To educate people in rural and urban areas with regards to various financial products and services available from formal financial sectors.
4) To make people aware of the advantages of being connected with formal financial sectors
5) To formulate debt restructuring plans for borrowers in distress and recommend the same to formal financial institutes including cooperatives for considerations.
6) To take up any such activity that promotes financial literacy, awareness of banking services, financial planning and amelioration of debt related distress of individuals in order to augment and facilitate aforesaid programmes.

I Sri Susobhan De Counsellor of the FLCC (Mob: 9433430094) request you to provide an opportunity to meet with the targeted sector of people within your command and advise the undersigned necessarily.