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Success Stories

Success Story : One

1Name of the RSETIRamakrishna Mission Samaj Sevak Sikshan Mandir (a RUDSETI type institute in collaboration with United Bank of India & NABARD)
2Name of the Sponsor BankUnited Bank of India, Head Office, Kolkata
3Name of the entrepreneurShri Chandan Bhowmick, S/o Shri Nanda Lal Bhowmick
4AddressVill.- Melahait, P.O.- Naikudi, P.S.-TamlukDist- Purba Medinipur
5Age (Years)28 years
6Educational QualificationB.Com
7Financial Status at the time of undergoing training (Pre-training)Rs.1,500/- p.m.
8Year and month of trainingSession – 2010-11 (10 month Integrated residential course)
9How came in contact with RSETIThrough a distant relative
10Name of the training programRural Entrepreneurship Development Programme at Ramakrishna Mission Samaj Sevak Sikshan Mandir, Belur Math
11Brief story about the successful trainee/ entrepreneur

The training Shri Bhowmik received included areas like, agriculture, horticulture, aviculture (Exotic birds), ornamental fish etc. First started aviculture with few exotic birds like Finch, Badrika, Lovebird etc. Thereafter concentrated attention on ornamental fishes. Presently, business growing steadily with ploughing back of profit and some fresh investment. Volume of business increased with introduction of modern technology and improved varieties of fish seeds and capital investments towards infrastructure. Source of raw materials are within easy reach and multiple marketing points are also not far off.  Now, exploring the possibilities of export market. He hopes to restart his aviculture activities shortly.

12Year and month of launching of the enterpriseDecember 2011
13Investment details :
(a) Own funds(Rs.)Rs.8 lakh – Rs.10.00 lakh
(b) Bank loan (Rs.)NFDA Subsidy of Rs.1.60 lakh (not loan)
14Present financial StatusSatisfactory, compared to the previous condition
15Present monthly income (Rs.)Rs.12,500/- p.m.
16Number of people to whom employment has been providedNo employment has been given till now. Shri Chandan Bhowmick lives in a joint family of five members comprising of his parents, one brother and one sister, they all help Chandan during the busy time.
17Additional information (whether belongs to SC/ ST/OBC/ Minorities/ Physically challenged etc)General caste
18Mobile No.9609084495 ; 9932659193
19Email IDNil


Sri Subhankar Thakur at Madhyamgram, Bidhanpally, North 24 Parganas:
It is now a site of attraction of the village people to visit the house near Pallisree Play ground of Sri Subhankar Thakur, a resident of Madhyamgram, Bidhanpally, North 24 Parganas district because of an eye-catching cage of exotic birds. Birds are uncommon and magnificently colourful. The varieties are of Conure, Red Rumped, Macaw, Grey Parrot, Bourke, Canary, Cockatiel, Holland (Badri), Frinch, Amaxon, Parakit & Love birds. Avi

Sri Subhankar Thakur got trained under a SDI training programme launched by Ramakrishna Mission Samaj Sevak Sikshan Mandir on Aviary (exotic birds). He has lured a passion for nurturing exotic birds before joining the aforesaid training course. The training has added confidence & zeal in him to start an aviary farm in his homestead land. He has built-up a farm house with provision of 100 cages for rearing varieties of exotic birds. As a sequel of his effort – the cages are filled up with 78 birds of aforesaid varieties. The last year’s performance of Sri Thakur is pen pictured as under.

He used to spend Rs.40,000/- on account of fruit, gain & medicine & casual labours for the birds
and earned Rs.1,20,000/- by sale of gain, birds & cages. Thus net income stands at Rs.80,000/- in
course of 3 months of operation. In his small enterprise he could employ 4 persons as casual &
part-time workers.

His enterprise is not only wonderfully attractive & novel but also becomes a source of inspiration & aspiration for local youth to toe in his path.

Praggyanmoy Das Bairagya at Shikarpur, Nadia:
Here is a story of self-confidence and manifestation of Pragga (pragmatism). Sri Praggyanmoy Das Bairagya, an ex-trainee of our REDP course, hailing from a remote village named Shikarpur, Nadia, close to Bangladesh border area, started a small vermicompost unit at his village just after completion of his training. He has fruitfully utilised start-up fund of Rs.10,000.00 availed from Ramakrishna Mission Samaj Sevak Sikshan Mandir, Belur Math, Howrah. VerHe has also been
granted bank loan of Rs.44,000.00 from United Bank of India, Karimpur branch shortly after start of his small vermicompost unit. But he is reluctant to avail the bank loan at this stage. There lies his pragmatic decision. Initially he has taken 6000 numbers vermi worm from Ramakrishna Mission Samaj Sevak Sikshan Mandir. In this small vermicompost unit 6000 numbers vermi worms have been cultured and multiplied to 1,50,000 numbers of worms. Then he has availed the bank loan added with own source of fund of Rs.1.00 Lakh to construct 6 nos. vermi pits of 40’×4’×1′ size each. Now he needs not depend on this institution or other concern for supply of worms. Huge number of worms generated in his small vermicompost unit have been utilised in his large area of pits. In the last phase of operation about 15000 Kg. of vermi compost have been produced. He has successfully found the potential market source and well-ahead demand for sale of the stock @ Rs.6.00 per kg. Even local panchayet samity has expressed their desire to purchase the production of his pits after seeing the high quality of vermi compost. Necessary official formalities are on the way to establish permanent business negotiability with the Panchayet samity & govt. agencies. As the position stands now the whole financial liability including bank loan can be liquidated after ¾ cycles of operation and standing monthly net income of Bairagya will range from Rs.30,000.00 to Rs.40,000.00 providing employment of 10 labourers. His performance has enlivened many youths of the locality to embark on such entrepreneurship ventures.

Sri Gautam Chaterjee and Sri Saroj Mukherjee at Vivekananda Atma Bikash Kendra, Barjora, Bankura:
Sri Gautam Chaterjee and Sri Saroj Mukherjee belong to 2004-05 batch of 10 months’ comprehensive course conducted by the institute. Both of them were educated unemployment youth residing at Barjora in Barjora Block of Bankura district. Gautam also underwent a special
training on fish breeding at CIFA, Bhubaneswar. When they went back to their village after completion of training – they, along with some other young boys of the village, started translating their dream into action by forming a voluntary organisation named as ‘Barjora Vivekananda Atma Bikash Kendra’. Paving the path of self-employment by creating need-based and location specific employment generation activities is one of the primary objectives of the organisation.

VerWith that aim in view they have launched series of activities – one followed by the other. Initially
poultry farm with 1000 broilers in a cycle was established. Gradually a model composite farm on about 7 acres of land has been established by them. Farm activities inter alia encompass Pisciculture, Duckery, Horticultural nursery, Vermicomposting, vegetable cultivation, paddy cultivation etc. Initially, they received soft loan of Rs.40,000/- in two phases from Samaj Sevak Sikshan Mandir as start-up capital for the establishment of the composite farm. Later on they also availed financial assistance under Pradhan Mantri Rojgar Yojna (PMRY) to the tune of Rs.2,89,000/-. The unique feature of their activities is noted with applause that their individual share in the profit of the project renging from Rs.25,000/- to Rs.30,000/- per month is fully contributed to the organisations’ activities.

The organisation has promoted 10 Self Help Groups including 4 SGSYs with enrolment of 110 members. Further, it has received due recognition from the Department of Agriculture, Govt. of W.B which has sponsored a ‘Farmers School’ to the organisation. They have been conducting various training and demonstration programmes for the farming community on modern farming practices through that school. A special practical demonstration on modern paddy cultivation under ‘System of Rice Intensification (SRI)’ method has been conducted associating 25 farmers from 5 villages around. A farmers’ club has been formed under the auspices of the organisation.

In furtherance of its objectives and with a view to strengthen the moral and ethical values of life the organisation runs a ‘Study Circle’ involving the local people.

As a whole the activities of the organisation under pivotal role played by Sri Gautam Chaterjee and Sri Saroj Mukherjee glitter like a silver line in the gray horizon when the youth at large suffer from unemployment and frustration.

The organisation has taken a challenging task to construct a double storied building within its premises with fund accumulated out of its activity – profit during last eight years and donation from well-wishers. The building with 5000 sft. space area in two years has already been completed. Now, the organisation can go ahead with more vigour & confidence for wider coverage of training programmes for unemployed youth. This is a land mark achievement for a voluntary organisation in the district.

Sri Samar Biswas, Howrah:

Sri Samar Biswas, an ex-trainee of Ramakrishna Mission Samaj Sevak Sikshan Mandir, Belur Math undertaken REDP training in the year 2012-13, has ventured a Mushroom production unit just after completion of training. On a paUntitled 12ddy field plot outside the village, he has constructed a mud built house with thatched roof with a space of 500 sft. area. Initially he got loan of Rs 10,000/- from this institute, he also got mushroom spawn packets from the institute. At that time he submitted proposal for bank loan.

First lot production of mushroom was limited to 3 to 4 Kg. per day, but in due course the production has been increased to 8 -10 Kg. per day. He has developed consciousness about the nutrition value of mushroom among surrounding villages by handbill campaign and create a good market demand. Due to self created market and a good margin of profit in mushroom, Samar gains Rs.500/- to Rs.600/- per day, resulting income of Rs.16,000/- (approx.) per month. All his efforts highly tell about his entrepreneurship potentiality and sincere endeavour. It is hopefully expected that his venture will further flourish with the loan of bank which is still under process.

Sri Sanjib Samanta at Krishnachal, Howrah:

If entrepreneurship and endeavour get conjoined miracle may happen. Here is an example Untitled 1where Sri Sanjib Samanta becomes a proof of such miracle. Sanjib belonging to a poor family of a remote village named Krishnachal of Howrah district, had undergone the REDP training course of Ramakrishna Mission Samaj Sevak Sikshan Mandir, in 1988-89. Extreme poverty and lack of initial family support ,he was hopelessly wandering 2 years for getting settled in life. However his moral sprit was not dampened. He started vendering with local bakery products and got the market knowledge which motivated him to venture a production unit of From the very beginning he branded his products as “Paramananda Chanachur”. Only 3 persons were his helping hand. In the first year he could earn Rs.5,000.00 to Rs.6,000.00 in a month. With same infrastructural set up he continued his business for 3 / 4 years. He developed a good dependable market relationship and rapport with the consumers and wholesalers, with increasing volume of business. “Chanachur” a spice mix of varied pulses in a small shed with one oven in a nearby village named ‘Penro’.

From the very beginning he branded his products as “Paramananda Chanachur”. Only 3 persons were his helping hand. In the first year he could earn Rs.5,000.00 to Rs.6,000.00 in a month. With same infrastructural set up he continued his business for 3 / 4 years. He developed a good dependable market relationship and rapport with the consumers and wholesalers, with increasing volume of business.

In the year 2002-03 he appointed 8 persons in his new production unit on a plot of 1 katha land of his own. Spreading out in wide areas of Howrah district with all necessary permits and licenses, the average annual sale turnover fabulously increased. Initially he had to depend on his friends & relatives for procuring funds, but by end of 2004-05 he suffered fund crisis. Then he could overcome the crisis with the cash credit accommodation of Rs.5.00 lakhs from UCO Bank, Purnabha Nagar branch.Now the annual turnover of his business has touched an astonishing figure of Rs.2.00 Crores with gross profit of Rs.15.00 lakhs in a year where 19 workers have sourced their livelihood. His journey is still on and unbounded. He is venturing for a new bakery project valued Rs.23.00 lakhs under ‘PMEGP’ scheme. The factory shed has already been constructed in anticipation of early release of bank loan. He is happy with his wife & two children and related members of his business family .